My love of film started early.
My love of declaring my opinion to anyone who’d listen began even earlier.
I was raised in a household that embraced film in all it’s diversity: good, bad and ugly (see what I did there?)

From Singin’ in the Rain to Smokey & The Bandit, Moonraker to Mrs Miniver plus I’ve endured every John Wayne film ever made courtesy of my Grandfather. I’ve earned my stripes.

I love Sci-fi and fantasy, ’80s classics, old school Hollywood musicals, period drama and will dabble in the occasional foreign language film when I want to feel sophisticated.
I have a soft spot for the kind of poignant yet relentlessly downbeat film where someone usually dies at the end but we’ve all learned something about ourselves (Into the Wild, Brokeback Mountain, The Road).
I also blithely watch horror films and then regret it afterwards (like the time I watched Paranormal Activity and then had to sleep with the light on for 3 weeks).

Fave directors include Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Tim Burton, David Lynch and John Hughes.

When I’m not telling it like it is blog-wise I work as a freelance musician and event manager.
I also enjoy making lists, researching things to ensure they’re tediously accurate and stationery.  I wish I could say I made this last part up.


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